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Walmart is testing self-scanning robots

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There’s a fine line between maintaining an eye on your teen and invading their privacy — especially when it comes to their phones.

Gallery Guardian is an app that wants to help you navigate those murky waters by scanning your kids’ phones for any potentially sexual content. It launched in the UK earlier this year and is available today in the US for both iOS and Android.

Image: gallery guardian

It uses AI image recognition to detect images on a child’s device that may contain nudity. If it spots something fishy, whether your child created it or received it, it sends you a real-time alerting. It’s a route to monitor what your teen is up to without actually having to have their device in hand.

One interesting twist is that you cannot actually view the picture in question. While that may frustrate some parents, that level of privacy for your kid is intentional. Daniel Skowronski, CEO of YIPO Technology, which builds the app, said in a statement, “With Gallery Guardian, mothers can protect their children while respecting their privacy.”

Instead, it offers you guidelines and resources for talking to your children about what they’re up to. And dedicated how prevalent sexting is among teens at the moment, it’s good to be able to start that dialogue as soon as possible — whether your child is the one taking these images or receiving them.

Of course, it’s not a foolproof system. Since there’s no guarantee it will catch every instance, and there are plenty of reasons it’d flag something that wasn’t actually inappropriate — leading to a potentially even more awkward conversation with your kid.

But it’s at least a good start for maintaining tabs on your children in a way that’s far less invasive then yanking their telephone out of their hand and excavating into their digital lives.

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