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Study Reveals How Much Sex You Should Be Having If You Want To Get Pregnant

Making a baby is a natural process that the future of the human race depends on. Yet, despite it being one of our most basic instincts, we can’t help but over-complicate the matter.

From eye-popping equipment to organic redress that are supposed to construct you more fertile, we are a world preoccupied with perfection and efficiency. But according to a recent study, conceiving is a lot easier than the guidebooks make it sound. The study, which investigated the love lives of 1,194 parents, found that couples generally have sex an average of 78 days before falling pregnant- with the most popular position for conceiving being missionary, which was adopted by three-quarters of the couples who participated. Unsurprisingly the study also found that couples have more regular sexuality when they’re attempting to get pregnant, with the average couple having sexuality 13 times a month when trying to conceive- although, 10 percentage of the 1,194 participants confessed they’d engage in sexual intercourse 15 to 20 times a month, while one in 20 of the couples admitted they’d make love practically every day. In addition, five percent revealed that they only had sexuality once a month and were still able to conceive. However, this increase in sex activity isn’t necessarily favored by all couples. While a third of the women and 51 percent of the men in the study said they “loved” having more sex, 18 percent admitted that it felt like a chore, and thus didn’t experience any pleasure. In addition to this, 43 percentage of couples confessed that they felt under pressure from the demand to get pregnant and constantly worried that they may not succeed with their plan. The poll, conducted by parenting site ChannelMum, also discovered that it is women who take the lead in seducing their partners in order to try and get pregnant- 13 percentage said they’d purchased sexy lingerie to help get their partner in the mood. But the most surprising discovery was that 16 percent of women admitted they’d booked a special “baby making vacation.” A majority of women combined this increased need to have sex with a dramatic lifestyle overhaul, with 39 percent making a conscious effort to eat healthily and taking vitamins. Half of the women also confined their sex activity to their fertile days, with five percent declaring that they had utilized more unorthodox methods such as gender prediction calendars and fertility spells. Interestingly, the study showed that just under a third of couples got pregnant within the first month, while a fifth took between one year and three years. Concluding the study’s findings Siobhan Freegard, ChannelMum’s founder, said, “Far from being an unlucky number, 13 seems to be the lucky number couples need each month to autumn pregnant.” “But while trying to conceive can be fun, it is also hard work, stressful and not every couple is lucky enough to get conceive, so while you’re focused on the baby, try to remember about each other too.” So with that in intellect, if you’re trying for a baby the important thing to remember is to relax- and adopt the missionary stance! Speaking of babies, the world is still divided when it comes down to Kylie Jenner’s rumored pregnancy. Is she with child? Or is it a fake stunt crafted by the family who constructed their fame from an “accidentally” leaked sex tape?

The latest update in the narrative suggests that the 20 -year-old does indeed have a bun in the oven after her mother, Caitlyn Jenner, made a rather unfortunate slip of the tongue!

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