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Solid Foods For Babies – When and What To Give

When you consult your pediatrician when to give solid foods to your baby, he will most likely tell you to wait until 6 months. This is a good piece of advice since babies are very sensitive and starting solids early on can trigger many health problems. However, your baby will not feel satisfied with only breast milk. Especially if you are only breastfeeding feeding and not giving any formula, your baby will feel hungry most of the day and it is really a pain to have her latched on to you all the time. You either have the option to give 1-2 bottles of formula milk in a day or start giving him solids.

By solids, we do not mean you actually fill a bowl of cereal or porridge and feed the baby at the age of 3 months. Rather for a start, you can give soft biscuits. Either you can dissolve them in water or just hand it over to her and let her suck on it. This is especially good when your baby is teething. If you go out and your baby starts crying out of hunger, it is a lot better to take out a biscuit and hand it over than finding a private place where you could breast feed her.

At the age of 4 and 5 months, it is a good time to start giving her some healthy home-made purees and baby food. Here are a few things your baby will definitely love to eat:

· Cereals – Packed with nutritional value, cereals are a good start for the baby. Also, your baby will love it for sure.

· Mashed potato – There is something in potatoes that children love them so much. Mash them with some butter for a healthy and delicious treat.

· Fruit and vegetable purees – Once your baby starts eating solids, you should introduce fruit and vegetable purees. For this, you can buy a baby food processor for preparing baby food easily.

· Baby pasta – Boil some baby pasta, add in a delicious cheese sauce and feed her for a tasty treat.

· Rice with soup – Not just babies, but children well over the age of 3 years will also love the delicious chicken soup along with boiled rice. However, do not feed too much rice, otherwise your baby might suffer from constipation.

· Porridge – Your baby will simply love the sweet taste. Make it with semolina, oat meal or rice. This is especially a healthy breakfast.

· Custard – Make some homemade custard with your baby's favorite flavor. Mostly they like the plain vanilla and caramel flavor. Although my experience showed otherwise, some of them are also chocoholics from birth and they would crave for chocolate custards.

When preparing solid foods, avoid adding too much sugar or salt. When you are using fruit or vegetables, you should let the baby enjoy the natural sweet taste and avoid adding any extra sugar in it. However, I have seen people feeding tasteless rice porridges to their infants. I do not know if it is good or not, but I personally feel pity for those little ones. A little bit sugar will not hurt in that case.

It is definitely an enjoyable experience to prepare baby food and try out new recipes your baby might love. Enjoy this time to the fullest 🙂

Source by Maria Ilyas

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