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Making Homemade Baby Food

So you want to make your own baby food? Well that is wonderful. And its wonderful for 2 good reasons.

1.] Saves you a lot of money. Most baby food [ex. Gerber] is about .25 cents an ounce.
Making your own is about .01-.04 cents anounce. It all depends on what foods you get,
which are in season, and if you buy organic or not.

2.] You know exactly what goes into your child's mouth. Sure the store food has an ingredient
list but imagine the satisfaction you will get making your own food for your baby and knowing exactly what
is going into your child's mouth because their mother made it. It gave me a peace of mind and a
sense of pride for myself

Okay here are the basic foods you can make:

green beans
sweet potato
mashed potato
and many more

Here is a list of the equipment you will need

a blender [I used a magicbullet]
ice cube trays
freezer bags

How to make homemade baby food raw food [ex bananas]:

1.] Cut up the bananas into blender friendly pieces
2.] Put into blender & blend until desired constancy.
3.] Pour into ice cube trays [each cube is about an ounce]
4.] Put into freezer until frozen solid
5.] Label your freezer bag with the name of the food and date you made it
6.] Pop out your cubes and put into bags. Save for later

How to make homemade food fo your baby cooked food [ex. sweet potato]

1.] Cook food by whats means you are comfortable with. [Microwave, Oven, Boil]
2.] Gut the food and put the guts into blender & blend until desired constancy.
3.] Continue instructions same as raw food above

And the best part of making your own baby food is you can create your own recipes and use your
own spices. Like bananacado [bananas and avocado], or make your own chicken noodle soup with boiled chicken, garlic, and baby cereal.

Well now you know the basics of homemade baby food making, and yes it is that easy!

Source by Brittany Mattacchione

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