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Is it really illegal to drive barefoot?

My best friend in high school loved driving while barefoot.

Blaming either the Texas heat or the heels she claimed could get stuck under the gas pedal, my friend always opted to drive without any shoes. It was a habit that seemed more quirky than rebellious. Fred Flintstone drove barefoot. So did SpongeBob Squarepants. No one ever told us not to drive barefoot during driver’s ed, and the lack of footwear didn’t seem to impact her driving skills.

Is it illegal to drive barefoot?

Was driving while barefoot illegal? My friend admitted that she didn’t know. Not wanting to take any chances with the Texas Highway Patrol, she always drove with a pair of sandals under her seat in case she got pulled over. As it turns out, she wasn’t alone–driving barefoot seems to be a guilty pleasure shared by many.

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