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Dad Defends His Actions After Putting His ‘Wild’ Three-Year-Old Daughter On A Leash

As long as they are healthy and happy, there really is no right or wrong way to parent your kids. However, one father is getting a lot of strange lookings and criticism for keeping his three-year-old daughter, Aspen, on a leash.

Thirty-four-year-old Clint Edwards is a father-of-three, but his self-proclaimed “wild child” Aspen has proven to be a lot to handle. Aspen has developed a habit of running off and disappearing in public places whenever something of interest has caught her eye. As a result of his daughter’s curiosity, Edwards and his wife have taken to keeping Aspen on a leash. The leash, which has the more child-friendly product name of a “safety string”, is attached to a knapsack that Aspen wears and prevents her from wandering too far away. Edwards says he first used the leash when his family went to Disney World last February, but he was met with judgemental lookings from other mothers. He took to Facebook to explain that the use of the leash was for safety reasons. “I’m keeping this kid safe while maintaining my peace of mind, and that’s 100% worth it, ” Edwards wrote in his defense. “If you consider somebody use something like that, it’s for a good reason. Don’t make assumptions. I’m their parent; I know this child well enough to know that I need this. So trust us.” “For only having a 12 -inch stride, she moves faster than any Olympian, ” he continued. While Edwards admits that his own father wasn’t around when he was growing up and that he is mostly “making it up” as he goes along, there is a reason other parents may not realize for using Aspen’s leash. Aspen has a condition called Nursemaid’s Elbow, where a toddler’s elbow easily dislocates. This means that it isn’t safe for Edwards to simply hold his daughter’s hand in public because one small tug and she could suffer a painful dislocation. This is something that Edwards found out the hard way after Aspen’s elbow dislocated two times previously. Edwards and his wife hope they can give up the “safety string” in about six months or so. They say Aspen is in a verbal growth stage of her growth and soon hope that she will learn to better respond to verbal commands. For now, Aspen is stuck with her leash. Parenting isn’t easy, and sometimes it can be a struggle just to keep your children out of harm’s way. Edwards runs a blog called No Idea What I’m Doing where he chronicles his misadventures in parenting and maintaining his kids healthy and happy. He has also written two books called I’m Sorry … Love, Your Husband and This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things . Both are humorous and honest tales of Edwards’ experiences with fatherhood and marriage. While Edwards may have utilized a leash to maintain his daughter close, he never tied her up outside a store like a dog. However, ABC’s < em> What Would You Do ? took the child leash fad to a new level when they placed cameras on a child who they tied outside a store. Check out the video below to find what happened next:

You can keep up with Edwards’ parenting adventures by checking out his blog No Idea What I’m Doing here .

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