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Best food for babies to gain weight what foods are best for my baby

Best food for babies to gain weight what foods are best for my baby . Milk Healthy weight gain foods If you are breastfeeding then breast milk is the best choice up to 1 year and after 1 year 3 servings of cow’s milk can be given. 2. High calorie energy dense nutritious foods Healthy weight gain foods Instead of fatty foods, high calorie energy dense foods increases weight without increasing the bad fat in the baby. If high calorie non nutritious fat foods (like ice cream, chocolates, processed food) are given, then it will create poor eating habits which will be difficult to change later. 3. Banana Healthy weight gain foods Banana can be given to infants after 6 months of age. Banana is rich in dietary fiber, potassium, vitamin C and very good source of Vitamin B6, and is a energy dense nutritious food. Banana can be introduced as Banana Puree then after 8 months it can be given as pancakes, can be mixed in porridge and after a year as banana muffins. If you are worried about giving banana during cold , then our Raw Kerala Banana Powder is a life saver, it is both nutritious and weight gaining food for babies. banana recipes for babies Raw Kerala Banana Powder Recipes Banana Halwa for Babies Banana Fritters for Babies and Toddlers Coconut Banana Kheer/Payasam for babies 4. Peach Healthy weight gain foods Peaches can be given after 6 months of age. Peaches are rich in dietary fiber, niacin, Vitamin A and particularly a good source of Vitamin C. Peach can be given as purees after 6 months and after 1 year as smoothies and milkshakes. 5. Pear Healthy weight gain foods Pear can be given as one of the first solid foods of baby and helps in weight gain. Pear is one of the fruit that is very rich in Iron and is also a good source of dietary fiber, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C. Pear can be given as Pear Puree, Apple Pear Puree with cinnamon twist, and after 8 months pear can be added in pancakes. 6. Peas Healthy weight gain foods Peas can also be given after 6 months. Peas are among the most nutritious vegetables that can be introduced as baby’s first solid food. It is very high in dietary fiber, thiamine, vitamin C and high in magnesium, niacin, phosphorous and Vitamins A, B6. Peas can be given as Peas Puree, Peas Khichdi and as Vegetable soup. 7. Sweet Potatoes Healthy weight gain foods Sweet Potatoes are an excellent first food for the baby. It can be given from 6 months of age. Sweet Potatoes are very low in saturated fat, high in dietary fiber, magnesium and potassium, vitamin B6 and very high in Vitamin A and C. They can be given as purees, sweet potato khichdi, pancake and as soups. 8. Plain meats Healthy weight gain foods Chicken can be introduced after 8 months of age. Chicken is rich in niacin, phosphorous, magnesium, Vitamin B6 and B12, also it is rich in cholesterol too, so the chicken can be given once a week to babies. Chicken flesh pieces can be either boiled or given as chicken puree, chicken stew, chicken soup, chicken rice. You can also make chicken stock and use it in baby’s dishes. 9. Ghee Healthy weight gain foods Our Desi Ghee is one of the best weight gaining food source. Ghee can be added in almost all the food that the baby takes after 7 months, with around 1 tsp of ghee per meal. Start with few drops of ghee at first and slowly increase the quantity. Ghee can sometimes be very heavy for the baby, so please be moderate in its usage. For best results, make your own homemade ghee that is free of preservatives and chemicals. 10. Cheese Healthy weight gain foods Cheese can be given after 8 months. Cheese is rich in phosphorous, calcium and selenium. Cheese cut as slices make a perfect finger food; you can also try serving fruit salad with cheese to your baby. 11. Dry fruits Healthy weight gain foods Dry fruits include almond, pistachio, fig, cashew are energy dense and non-fattening. The dry fruits can be powdered and mixed in almost all the foods, other forms by which it can be given are almond milk, dry fruit snack bar, dry fruit laddu. You can either make the dry fruits powder at home with this recipe or order homemade dry fruits powder online. Please note, dry fruits may cause allergy in some babies, follow the 3 Day Rule while introducing any new food. 12. Whole Wheat Healthy weight gain foods Mostly wheat is not considered as a weight gaining food by many, but using whole wheat in baby foods has shown a steady weight gain in babies. It is an excellent source of dietary fiber with low fat. Whole wheat can be given as Wheat Cereal, Wheat Soya Porridge, Wheat Kheer, Whole Wheat pancakes, Wheat porridge, Wheat Almond Porridge, Wheat Green gram Porridge. Another way to get the benefits of whole wheat is through broken wheat, also called ‘dalia’. You can also whip up an entire baby meal in a jiffy with Instant Dalia Mixes. A boon for days when you don’t have the time or energy to cook. You can make these at home or easily order homemade


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