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1-year-old rushes to the TV to watch his favorite quiz show


After a period of( dare we say it ?) overly dark and gritty content, Star Trek: Discovery has really saw its feet. The main characters feel like a true Star Trek crew, there’s a satisfying balance between humor and emotional depth, and the season-wide arc is seriously intriguing. In the latest episode of the Parsec Podcast, we discuss how we fell in love with the show.

Among other things, we cover how Discovery measures up to previous Star Trek series, debate our favorite characters, and examine the popular fan hypothesi about ATAG 3 TTa secret Klingon snoop. Sure, we still have a few criticisms–but we’re very excited to see what happens next.

DTAG 2 TT DTAG 3 TTRelated video

DTAG 4 TTClone Troopers vs Storm Troopers

Need to catch up? Check out our Star Trek: Discovery episode recaps: ATAG 4 TTOne and two, ATAG 5 TTthree, ATAG 6 TTfour, ATAG 7 TTfive, ATAG 8 TTsix, and ATAG 9 TTseven.

Our last Parsec Podcast was ATAG 10 TTan interview with a time travel philosopher. Next day around, we’re chatting with ATAG 11 TTC.S. Pacat and Johanna the Mad, creators of the sports anime-inspired fencing comic, ATAG 12 TT Fence !

RTAG 7 TTRead more: ATAG 13 TThttp :// /~ ATAGEND

This kid is already well on his route to being a future Jeopardy champion.

Redditor HomesteaderWannabe posted a clipof their 13 -month-old to the site on Friday, showing off how their little one is in love with the quiz game show Jeopardy .

At the beginning of the video, the toddler is only sitting on the kitchen floor, doing baby stuff when he hears the start of the demonstrate. Without missing a beat, the toddler goes into full army crawling, ultimately stopping in front of the Tv.

We’re pretty sure this kid is going to be a master at trivia by the time he’s four.

Read more: http :// 2017/11/ 10/ kid-baby-toddler-loves-jeopardy /~ ATAGEND

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